Types of mental retardation

Although it can be a variety of specialty mental retardation from the angle of interest row
And they focus on the specialties outlined, but it is best to
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IV and ICD 10 there, instead of using terms such as
Cana, stupid, flexible learning, open education, shelter, and they are classified as a disorder
More specific and more efficient to do so, America Psychiatric Association (
APA) in its final classification of mental retardation based on five categories as
Mild, moderate, severe, profound uncertainty (SU)
Has classified.
Retardation Mild mental retardation in 85% of the class
Are. The intelligence of children 50 to 55 to 70 in
Is considered. That is usually due to normal appearance and
No sensory impairment - physical or verbal behavior and social well being of relatively minor
Normal school age, is not recognized. Mildly retarded children at an early age than slower growing
And the additional support in the areas of self-care such as eating, dressing and
Go cleanliness training need. They can get to fifth grade until late adolescence
Studied the relative social adjustment and gradually learned skills
Professional and social self-sufficiency for at least nine times in normal and stressful situations
Learn. They speak so fluently and
Usually they can read, write and do arithmetic, but their activity and academic performance
Extent of the needs of everyday life and in adulthood, especially in their
Financial management tips must be required. Longer they can keep their jobs
And have friends and some can marry and bear children.
Most of mild mental retardation from minority groups and social backgrounds and expertise
Down to the general population. Many more remain behind in the minority groups indicate
Significant effects on the environment - cultural and genetic.
Moderate retardation: a retarded one tenth largest group of
IQ level 35-40 to 50-55, and they are not able to speak or at least relationships are
Most of that intelligence and social adjustment problems. Mentally retarded children
Often during preschool ages of 2-3 years appears.
Many people with this kind of lag one or multiple organ failure
Are identified., For example, the number of people with the syndrome and the syndrome
Fragile X mental retardation are at an intermediate level. They are about six years
Cups and spoons to eat their own food and water. Dressed in work
They should start toilet training, the number of words used and the shape of the
Detected. During adolescence, they learn self-care skills and can
Simply make a call, read a few words and do simple tasks. Awareness
Limited social learning, adults can benefit from them in the Works
Professional and easy to take care of yourself, recognize your position. Yet in
Stressful conditions are required supervision and guidance of 0.1
Severe retardation: a retarded group of around four percent
Make the IQ level 20-25 to 35-40 with one of these types of retardation is associated with more severe disorders. Majority
Organ failure of one or more individuals suffer from mental retardation. Many people with
Mental retardation, severe physical or motor problems to simultaneously show the
While some other respiratory disease, heart disease or other disorders show. Per
However, people with severe mental retardation, poor motor development in the years ahead
Show a significant slowing of the school and speak slowly and usually twenties and
Learn relations and numerical skills and reading in everyday life
, Do not come. Many of them in group homes or institutions under the supervision of environmental
Some live in small workshops and vocational centers
Profound mental retardation: Mental retardation is less than the number of
Percent of them are backward and their IQ is lower than the 25-30, at least
The ability of sensory functions - to move 0.1 and nursing needs constant support. Few of them somewhat self-care ability and speech, and learn simple social behavior, but the
However, they require constant nursing care.
Local retardation: Floor
Unknown persons suspected to cause retardation of mental retardation
Measurement is different, is considered. These sub-categories if the imagination
A person's IQ is higher than 70 is not used.
The incidence of retardation
Mind on Statistics vary. Looks digits 1 to 3 percent figure
Be more acceptable. Statistics show that boys lagged about 1/5 for girls back
Are needed.
In the very back
May be retained for a long time before it is known which individual constraints. Lies
Or remain in a certain stage of life due to good adaptation, not an official diagnosis
Did. Highest incidence in school children aged between 10 and 14 is the maximum.
With increasing age, the prevalence of severe or profound mental retardation due to mortality rates, years of Gee
The resulting blend is associated with physical abnormalities is less.
A large group of mentally retarded from the start of the union of sperm and ovule are unknown, namely, interruption or disruption of a tug kill himself. Defect in a single gene or a gene pair, the
Loss, or loss of a chromosome was more important factors in severe retardation
Or are deep, though it rarely happens, but if it happens, the effects
Sharp leaves. Effects of another gene in mental retardation, poor performance, or
The lack of enzyme systems and chemical functions of the enzyme., In such a situation the body's inability
The production of the enzymes which metabolize fat, sugar and protein
Is the accumulation of excessive natural metabolic and intellectual development of children
Environmental and psychosocial factors in the etiology of mental retardation.
The majority of children lagging behind society
Psycho-social - are usually due to a lack of significant differences with
Normal children bring to school are not recognized if the child is usually 1) of a compromise and
Acts retarded IQ level, 2) evidence of retardation in the immediate family
If not, 3) show clear signs of pathological conditions in the brain, not available
4) had a poor family background and family problems created homes
, Malnutrition, inadequate medical care, the child can say it backwards
Mental retardation - is social. General, the mental retardation - social or child
Poor quality operation between the cultural environment and other people around their faces
Or that the social isolation and sensory deprivation, extreme isolation and long
Growth has fallen during the day. Exclusion as one of the environmental factors, the map
Pervasive and destructive than children in the general competence that will
The most obvious effect is manifested in the verbal process. This is considered
The high correlation between early verbal stimulation and intelligence, the intelligence development process, key
Plays. The quality stimulate children and how parents interact with the children's role in
Cot verbal abilities and deficiencies or defects that can reduce
These capabilities help. Research in this area indicates multiple trigger levels
Words, an important predictor of future changes are considered child.
In the context of the treatment of mental retardation as a successful, practicing and learning the hypothetical life situations and providing appropriate feedback to children to help.
Given the problems that arise retarded children's family education, family role and competence, and kept them in their thoughts or coping with the reality of the
Increases with retarded children. Parents an opportunity to express feelings in this regard should
Of guilt, hopelessness, denial, anger is associated with impaired child and his future with the
Providing the latest information on the causes, treatment, and other related spheres parents
Such as special education, and the term sensory impairment, their ability in dealing with problems
Son said.
Medication can be adjusted with mentally retarded children and some of their behavior.
Their role is as aggressive abuse., Some studies suggest that
Lithium is useful in reducing aggression and self-abuse backward.