In response to questions about IUI

Where and how long before the IUI the sperm sample is taken?
Usually sperm sample is poured into a sterile sample container. In most cases, it is necessary that the maximum half an hour after the sperm is transported to the lab. (This is when semen coagulating liquid accordingly). So if a couple of minutes away from the clinic and live up (or their hotel a half hour away from the clinic) can be sampled at the home or hotel and deliver it to the clinic. Samples were transported to the clinic should be such that the temperature is close to 37 degrees. (The patient can be kept within the samples under uniform and close to the body). Typical delivery time to about one hour of lab time is required to prepare the samples.
When is the best time for IUI?
IUI ideally should be around 6 hours to the time of ovulation. Because of the problem of male infertility some doctors believe after ovulation is the best time. In other cases, it is best administered before ovulation and sperm are expected to reach the egg. IUI between 36 to 48 hours after hCG injection occurs. IUI is usually a time of 36 hours after injection of hCG done. In some centers, the IUI 24 and 48 hours after injection of hCG results have been 6 percent. Just 24 hours after the egg is released from the body can survive.
What is the success rate of IUI?
Medical check various sources indicate that the IUI success has a different range of sources, some successful and some sources even in the 6% to 26% have been reported. Obviously, the success rate depends on the number and quality of eggs, sperm samples will be. Average success rate of IUI is between 15% to 20%. Also in this method, multiple pregnancies is between 20% to 30%.
How it feels to do IUI?
Most women experience no pain or anything so do the IUI cancer screening (Pap smears) are seen. In some cases, abdominal cramps consequently have been but probably more because of the release of the egg in your body to do IUI. Nociceptives generally do not cause into because of the catheter cervix this time the because of the uterine cervix changes hormonal slightly opened.
How prepared sperm (washed) can survive?
Recent studies show that sperm can be prepared to survive for 24 to 72 hours. However, reducing its ability to advance beyond 24 hours. Another issue is the swimming sperm through the fallopian tubes.Therefore, the ideal time to release the egg is around 6-12 hours.
You will have to lie down after IUI?
Drazbkshyd after IUI because you do not have an open cervix but most doctors will not allow patients to 30 minutes after a 15 minute lie down on the bed.
There is no need for you to rest after IUI?
Most patients do not need. But if you have abdominal pain or cramps you can get some rest. Most patients can reduce their heavy work and hope to increase their chances of conceiving.
How long is it before we had intercourse IUI?
It depends on your situation, but should not be more than 3 days. If you do IUI the sperm count is low is better than at least 24 hours before you have intercourse. Public opinion on the last hCG injection when you have sex then avoid intercourse until IUI.
How long after IUI can have intercourse?
IUI is usually any time after you start having sex after IUI in fact, most doctors to patients who Khvdpyshnhad.
Is it possible to get out of there sperm from the uterus after IUI?
Because sperm is injected directly into the uterus, it is not possible to exit. Emad may feel a slight discharge after IUI catheter, and because of that it has become loose cervical fluid. Especially when the IUI Ovulation occurs when the fluid surrounding the cervix is ​​looser than normal situations.
Best of follicles (eggs) to do what is IUI?
3 to 4 follicles (eggs) will create the best chances of success. Obviously, the greater the number of follicles (eggs) will increase the chance of multiple pregnancies.
When the problem is not too few sperm, IUI it still work?
IUI when the cervical mucus is Rhmm problems with clomiphene therapy is an effective method. And if IUI with injectable drugs used regardless of the problem of low sperm count is also an effective way. It should be noted that in the case of sexual intercourse and can normally only the best sperm cervical mucus is rejected and can to place your egg autoerotism the most sperm can be at it of fertilization IUI be.
What is the minimum number of sperm required for IUI?
However, at least one million sperm (the preparation phase) is essential for IUI but if the sperm count is less than the 8 to 10 million, a significant decrease in the success rate of IUI will happen. However, it seems the minimum sperm count required for IUI effectiveness is about 5 million. Well with the number of successes that occur between 20 and 30 million and sperm count above 50 million additional advantage would be much more successful.
If no result, so many times I need to repeat IUI?
It's up to you and depends on the type of drugs you use. One might do 3-4 IUI with clomiphene and IUI with injectable drugs also do 3-4 times. However, if someone 3-4 times after IUI with injectable drugs and despite the fact that her eggs had good growth IUI did not need him using more sophisticated methods as a result did IVF.
IUI can be done in your home?
IUI at home can not be performed without adequate equipment. In IUI the sperm is prepared using special equipment (washed) is. Although no one can prepare sperm into the vagina and around the cervix were no different from normal intercourse success rate and if not prepared sperm (washed) was injected directly into the uterus is very dangerous and may even cause and death.
Is bleeding after IUI normal?
Although it usually does not happen but it is possible, especially when the doctor is forced to cervical Tnakvlvm (a forceps) hold. Some women experience slight bleeding when the egg is released, which has to do with your IUI.
What does implantation occur both during and after IUI?
Implantation (fetuses fixed and determined in the uterus during pregnancy) between 16-12 days after the egg is released or will occur 16-12 days after IUI.
Usually an ultrasound is performed several times to control the growth of eggs?
It totally depends on your situation and the type of drugs used and may be necessary for you to take some time ultrasound.
Size of follicles (eggs) it must be said that Adult (risen) is?
Many doctors growing follicles (eggs) with ultrasound control. Size of follicles (eggs) look for different doctors, but most doctors if the patient is taking the drug clomiphene no or only 20 to 24 mm are considered, and the use of FSH alone may have 17 or 18 mm and a FSH + LH 16 or 17 mm is used to consider the mature size. It is possible that as much as 14 to 15 mm follicles containing oocytes also be natural. In addition to the release of the follicles grow about one to two millimeters per day. A woman may have more than one egg in a cycle of release, and when they returned to normal size if you do not use until 24 hours after the eggs hCG in the body will be released. HCG injection in 95% of females release eggs will be in 36 hours.
As estradiol (E2) it should be?
As estradiol (E2) must be on when the follicle is 18 mm is between 200 and 600 pg ml. Some doctors consider normal, but slightly higher, at least 150 seems to be better.
What risks can have IUI?
IUI major risks such as stomach cramps, mild damage to the cervix cause bleeding or spotting would be minimal and temporary. Further growth will be too ovaries with drugs like clomiphene IUI subsequent risk and low risk with injectable drugs will be.
Whether there is a need for pain medication before or after IUI?
Most patients do not need painkillers, but if severe abdominal cramps is better ibuprofen or diclofenac Naprvksan Shyaff drug taking and instead they would be right.
Preparation (washing) What is sperm?
Preparation or sperm washing is an experimental technique that uses specific techniques for sperm mobility and sperm are separated from other natural and infertility treatments such as IUI IVF, and the will be used.
How long after IUI I'm swimming?
Although swimming will not be a problem but its better to do it after 48 hours.
Is IUI is possible after tubal ligation?
No. Tubal ligation is an effective method of contraception to prevent sperm from reaching the egg. If you have closed your fallopian tubes or tubal any reason you have closed the only way that can help you with IUI and IVF techniques will not help you.
IUI can be used to select the sex?
With some preparation methods can be separated into male and female sperm can be used for sex selection. The preparation methods are low sperm count, which is eventually removed and it is not recommended for those who are infertile.