The role of vitamins in skin vitality

1 - Lack of vitamins can cause dead skin cells and skin vitamins required if it is not dark and mottled.
2 - several studies have shown that a certain number of vitamins and minerals are absorbed in the beauty and appearance of skin vitamins also have a positive effect on overall health (especially in the females) helps.
3 - Research has shown that a strong and direct relationship between nutrition and health of the skin there.
4 - vitamins should be taken daily. For this purpose you can use a multi-vitamin. It is better for your body by eating fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals they provide. And instead eat plenty of fruits, it is best to use enough of the fruit.
5 - More healthy people who appear to be deficient in vitamins and minerals.
To find the best care of your skin according to your skin type and condition of the role of each vitamin you can better control your diet to healthy skin, you clear and beautiful.
However, the introduction of different types of vitamins and their role in skin health, as well as resources for them:
Vitamin A
The vitamins for normal growth, reproduction and regeneration of skin cells is needed. Also, the health of red blood cells and the immune system plays a vital role and is an antioxidant.
Best food sources: eggs, milk and other dairy products, liver and fish oil
Vitamin E enhances color depth and slow down the lines. To increase skin elasticity, as well as the medicines used to treat acne and can stimulate the skin to regenerate new cells.
Vitamin B
The vitamins for metabolic proteins, immune function, hormone production and function of the venous system improves.
The best sources for Vitamin B: Meat, poultry, fish, whole grains, dried beans, bananas, meat
Vitamin A helps regulate the skin exude fat and prevents fat from being too much skin. Tend to reduce skin blemishes, prevents skin from becoming coarse and can be effective in collagen formation.
Vitamin C
This vitamin is necessary for collagen production and the body can not make it, so must be supplied by food. As the body needs to neutralize free radicals.
Best Food sources: Citrus fruits, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, whole grains, melons, peppers and potatoes
Vitamin C helps in Alyam wounds and bruises. Protects the skin against UV radiation. And to stimulate the body to produce collagen.
Vitamin D
This vitamin is essential for the proliferation of skin cells and absorb calcium.
The best sources of vitamin D include egg yolks, salmon, liver and milk.
Vitamin D helps moisturize the skin.
Vitamin E
This vitamin is essential for the growth of healthy tissue. And a super antioxidant is stable.
The best food sources of vitamin E include wheat germ, nuts, vegetable oils, green leafy vegetables and whole grains
This vitamin helps the skin moist and transparent, reducing the harmful effects of free radicals, the treatment of burns, inflammation, cuts and irritation helps.
Vitamin F
In fact, an essential fatty acid that is a building block of skin will form.
Vitamin E helps the skin to create a protective barrier for the body, acne treatment and skin is damp.
Vitamin K
The best food sources of vitamin K are green leafy Sbryjat.
Vitamin K reduces bruises, can be effective in reducing the darkness under the eyes. Blood spots are caused by old age will cure.