Secret enhance sexual pleasure during sex

The secret to great sex between couples and sexual Vshvr keeps alive the concept body bipolar sex lies ...
The negative pole to positive pole of a magnet attracts another magnet, even when dealing with polarity opposite sex by showing increased interest, desire and sexual pleasure.
In sex, there are two opposite poles: enjoyment and pleasure, you will enjoy one another and enjoyed sexual pleasure simply to be created. The sex, bipolar opposition parties to turn to make the poles are moved to reach the pinnacle of desire and pleasure. While one can enjoy, enjoyed another and then the cycle will change: one can get stops to enjoy the latter.
This relationship has two steps: First, men and women will get then men and women will delight and she needs her attention is focused on the benefit. In the first stage, sex, bipolar man's precedence over everything at their pleasure, surely he wants to enjoy her well, but for now it does not care. In this case, she lived the opposite end, the man is thought-provoking and stimulating expected no.
But, in the second step, which is to get men and women turn to give pleasure. She was able to enjoy what is spent, and now is the time for men to enjoy. In this way, both get what they want.
Invented sex as a dichotomous
Men do not like to spend a long time ago forever, without any prospect caress her partner to bring her to orgasm.
If a man has no desire to ever touch before, do not know the importance of a woman's pleasure is not the case that he is. Excitability difference between men and women is a problem in some cases.
The patient and his wife touch without causing resistance are female. Long waiting for a desperate man. If a man has an orgasm first, she would not have enough energy to meet demand. Thus, in the absence of compliance, the man loses interest in the vicinity, because it is no longer willing to spend the time. He must also be right. At the end of a busy work day, then it is exhausted. I think that should do it, caress, is truly disheartening and Andazndh mobility.
The other side of the story, there is a similar situation for women. Woman near the cold, because the man is trying to prompt her to orgasm, not wanting to desperate man with no positive response. For this reason, it decreases sexual pleasure and he loses his interest. In fact, sex is good when your wife does not have to immediately get excited. He never knows precisely how long it will take or will happen this time or not.
Sex bipolar provides solutions to problems, and (as you'll see) has many other benefits. Instead of waiting and disappointment felt by man can start his or her job and will do anything that Brangykhtnsh. Then when it came to the brink of orgasm, it's time to stop and start to stimulate her. In these cases, all that a woman needs a cuddle before she gives up her orgasmic experience. When the orgasm comes on too.
Often bipolar stimulating male sexual development starts Khvahshsh to get rid of the irritating man and woman enjoyed seeing his arousal.
Like men, women can not drive. The goal is the same. He merely stimulates husband. For this reason a man will also be able to touch or hug or to use other methods. All work is to create arousal in men. At this time, a man and a woman get out and enjoy the fun shoots him.
After about five minutes, the man who was close to the peak of orgasm take over the border, a sign of further stimulate the woman to stop her.
The man was ready to give him all the pleasure he took from her. As the man slowly began to stimulate a woman can enjoy and feel Byasayd to pay off his body. Learn this man needs to be raised two to three minutes, but she wants to make ten front.
Faculty of male arousal and orgasm two to three minutes to reach does not need, but we have to remind his wife of ten times, it takes twenty to thirty minutes.
Reversing the polarity of
The first time, the man stopped, turn off the pole and the second stage seems to be going very hard.Especially, when the first stage of intercourse, they may be highly motivated. Fortunately, the man is very sensitive to the needs of her husband and when she feels she needs to do to get aroused and reach orgasm His self-imposed control requirements.
Biological differences between men and women have different experiences makes the orgasm. Female arousal after orgasm is preserved and can even take more pleasure from intercourse. In this case, high levels of female hormones enjoyable stay. Man is not the case. He loses his arousal after orgasm and giving pleasure hormones promptly disperse and disappear. When the man had finished his work, is all.
Now you can better understand why women preferred male orgasm is important. If a man has an orgasm first, more energy to feed her remains to the woman, but woman from having an orgasm, it is still aroused, the man gives Argasmsh and continue their intercourse more pleasurable range.