Ways to prevent back pain in pregnant women

Most mothers during activities like hugging and lifting children, do not pay much attention to their health and even lower back pain, back pain, do not take themselves seriously. Mothers do not know that back pain is the result of damage with our daily behaviors escalate. studies have shown that pain is a common problem among women all over the world.
The pain may begin suddenly these women, but the pain usually begins slowly and secretly taken.
Researchers stress that by sitting or standing in the wrong position, pressure is applied to the spine. A single mother with a bad bend when your child can pick up more than you think to make Lumbar their pressure.
▪ To prevent back pain in women who have a child recently, the following is recommended:
Once the doctor declared safe for you to exercise, regular exercise and stretching exercises for the abdominal and back muscles start.
When you raise your children, rather than open arms, lifting your arms close to your chest and hold.
Child lift from the floor, rather than bend at the waist, bend your knees and lift with your legs open.
Please refrain from carrying baby on back Lgntan.
Try to get your child in the "front pack" carry on.
Be careful when lifting the child seat, car seat or pram up, you do not strain your lower back.