Knowing the symptoms of mouth cancer

Bshnasydsrtan signs of oral cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells in certain tissues or organs in the body begin to grow out of control and increase the number of those who find normal.
In the life of regeneration and proliferation of normal cells is a controlled process. It causes the body's natural growth and repair of tissues damaged by ulcers.
When normal cells grow outside, they have created a mass of cells called a tumor. Some tumors grow only in places where they grow their own creation called benign tumors.
Some tumors grow not only in their appearance, but also the ability to invade and damage nearby tissues and organs, and may spread to the remote parts of the body.
These tumors are called malignant tumors or cancerous. Spread to distant parts of the body occurs when malignant cells are freed from their original location and transported through the bloodstream or lymphatic system and become the new spots, the new tumor order to build a. The creation of new tumors, called metastases.
● Oral Cancer
The cancers in areas of the lips, gums, tongue or lining of the mouth, they are placed in this category.These cancers usually develop in people over 40 and their incidence increases with age.
This cancer affects more men there, but the increase in smoking among women may be about to change.Oral cancers are readily detectable. Early symptoms of cancer is easily visible or palpable.
Zhan any sores or swelling or lump in the neck that persists longer than two weeks should be examined by a doctor. Although these symptoms are not related to cancer, go to the doctor when the patient can be saved.
If oral cancer is detected and treated early, the chances for a full recovery are good. There are still a major cause of oral cancers is not known, research has shown that most of these cancers by factors that are associated with life, are formed.
Patients with large or tobacco smoke Myjvnd and people who consume large quantities of alcohol, are at greater risk for developing oral cancer. In addition, people who stay too long in the sun, are more likely to develop cancer of the lip.
Small changes in lifestyle such as smoking and alcohol consumption and lack of sunlight radiation protection can reduce the risk of oral cancer.
● Place of mouth cancer
The most common sites of cancer of the mouth, lower lip, tongue, floor of the mouth and gums. Also as far as the tonsils, salivary glands and oral cavity inner surface species may be caused by cancer. If these points cancers not diagnosed and not treated early, the cancer cells spread to lymph nodes in the neck and jaw bones.
● Origin of mouth cancer
Between 90 to 95 percent of oral cancers are squamous cells that cover the inside of the mouth, are derived. When these cells grow out of control, which makes the cancer squamous carcinoma or 'squamous cell carcinoma' say.
Most ulcers, masses of white or red patches in the mouth or around the lips can be seen, not cancer is often followed by biting the tongue, more allergic reactions, infections and broken teeth are formed. If the irritation does not improve within two weeks, to be followed by a doctor.
● Causes of mouth cancer
Many oral cancers (75 to 70 percent) of smoking, long-term consumption of tobacco or alcohol along with smoking are caused Ghyrastnshaqy. Repeated calls to the sun can cause lip cancer is low. Also proposed by chronic teeth broken in rare cases may lead to oral cancer.
▪ Tobacco
Mortality rates of oral cancer in smokers are four times more likely than nonsmokers. Oral cancer risk in people and also consumer NAS Myjvnd tobacco is higher than normal. Pipe smoking and lip cancer are both.
When you consume too much alcohol while Msrfknnd tobacco, also increase the risk of cancer.
▪ Sunlight
The relationship between lip cancer and repeated calls by the ultraviolet radiation of sunlight is well known.Farmers, fishermen, construction workers, Askybazan and those who long to live since his time in the sun, you can protect yourself from sun damage.
A protective cream with the SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 or zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which contains a sun protection before the sun is rubbed onto the lips, best lip cancers are preventable. Use a hat to protect the face helps.
● proposed from teeth
Broken teeth or dentures caused by proposed chronically poor often do not cause cancer. However, in rare cases, may cause problems associated with oral cancer.
As a good preventive measure, when the teeth are causing damage to the surrounding mucosa should be examined by a dentist.
● Detection
Oral cancer symptoms often resemble the common problems that are found in the mouth (such as ulcers, masses of white and red spots). These symptoms are easily seen and touched. If these changes do not improve within two weeks should be checked by a doctor.
Early signs of mouth cancer is rarely painful.
▪ important symptoms are:
Mouth ulcers could not find the improve
Ulcer or wart-like spots on the lips
Persistent sore throat;
Lesions following placement of artificial teeth
Neck mass
Difficulty chewing or swallowing
See patches of red velvet (Arytrvplaky) or white (Lkvplaky) in the mouth increases the risk of precancerous changes.
However, in most cases, white spots, red or a mixture of them not related to cancer, a careful examination should be performed by a physician. Surgery for cancer diagnosis, a biopsy may be performed. During this operation, the location of suspected small piece of tissue is removed and numb, then carefully under a microscope in the laboratory and found